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October 25th General Assembly

PAST General Assembly notes here:
(Occupy Jackson, Dane and Coach)

  • IMPORTANT: 6PM General Assemblies have been moved to 5:30 due to the fact that we need more time to meet before it gets dark.
  • We have police support and we are supporting the police. They recognize us as non-violent protesters and we aid them in apprehending true offenders (by calling the police).
  • Talk to people at the community churches. They are nice and courteous and may let us use their restrooms.
  • Representatives from the ACLU came to the meeting and gave us a lot of “Protester’s Rights” booklets.
  •  CJ ROCKS!
  • Attention Students: If you are currently a student, please contact Coach if you would like to be interviewed by the Clarion-Ledger Thursday after General Assembly. 601-559-77287.
  • Pumpkin Carving! If you have any information regarding where to get cheap pumpkins or would like to be invloved in “99%” pumpkin carving please contact Gabe: 601-665-8460

General Assembly Training Video

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