October 25th General Assembly

PAST General Assembly notes here: http://www.facebook.com/occupymississippi?sk=notes
(Occupy Jackson, Dane and Coach)

  • IMPORTANT: 6PM General Assemblies have been moved to 5:30 due to the fact that we need more time to meet before it gets dark.
  • We have police support and we are supporting the police. They recognize us as non-violent protesters and we aid them in apprehending true offenders (by calling the police).
  • Talk to people at the community churches. They are nice and courteous and may let us use their restrooms.
  • Representatives from the ACLU came to the meeting and gave us a lot of “Protester’s Rights” booklets.
  •  CJ ROCKS!
  • Attention Students: If you are currently a student, please contact Coach if you would like to be interviewed by the Clarion-Ledger Thursday after General Assembly. 601-559-77287.
  • Pumpkin Carving! If you have any information regarding where to get cheap pumpkins or would like to be invloved in “99%” pumpkin carving please contact Gabe: 601-665-8460

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One response to “October 25th General Assembly

  • Brad Corban

    Glad to hear that the area churches are supportive. (I’m a United Methodist pastor and I was at the first gathering on Oct 15th.)

    Galloway UMC should be helpful. (If not, call me and I’ll harass them a bit.) They regularly serve the homeless the hungry in the area, and I have a lot of respect for the pastors there—Connie and Joey Shelton are the senior pastors, with Emily Sanford as the pastor to students. Galloway’s campus is on the north side of Smith Park. Also, you can go bug the United Methodist Bishop in the UMC building on Congress and Mississippi streets, across from the capitol (and next to Galloway). Our Bishop is a wonderful person.


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