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Hey guys. I’ve changed up the site a bit. Let me know what you think. We have had around eight volunteers step forward and offer to help keep it updated. I am about to add three blog pages to the site: one for need-to-know information, one for both #occupy and basic news related to our cause, and another called “Open Forum” on which any member who wishes to share his/her ideas, opinion, etc. in essay form will have a place to post that essay. We can bring this up at the next GA, but as of right now, there are no rules on what can and cannot be posted. We can use all three as a bridge to publishing our first e-newsletter, and hopefully our first weekly print-form journal/newspaper. The format is similar to newspaper’s news section, investigative reporting section and opinion section. The front page will serve as our editorial page, and all things posted on the front page blog (Home) will speak for the group as a whole. Here we will post GA meeting notes, announcements, etc. Finally, I will add a video page. This is not where we will post video of our GA meetings. The video page will be a “Media-based Open Forum” rather than text-based. As you come across eye-opening, informative videos you feel everyone should see, post them there.




If you have an essay you have written or a video you wish to share, email them to for now. As the website committee builds an editorial team, we will provide more content-centered email addresses for each type: video, blog entry, news, need-to-know, etc. Please send any news or useful articles, data, etc. to that same email. This will help the blogging team construct posts much faster and ensure that we hear from a broad range of views while pulling from various sources all across the web, thus eliminating any personal bias the blogging team may have. All I ask is if you send it, be sure its accurate; fact-check everything you read. Don’t just assume because it is on the internet that it is true (lizard people live among us if you go to certain corners of the web). The research committee will help serve as our backup fact-checker if all else fails.


That said, I don’t feel any group should have power over what is considered factual and what is not, so if there is enough doubt among the editorial team and the research committee on the accuracy of something you wish to share on the site, we will first post it in the forums and on the Facebook page and allow all members to comment and provide their own research. If supportive research is provided, the post will go up with all supportive research linked within. On the contrary, if a post that goes up is proven inaccurate, it will be taken down or inaccuracies will be corrected pending severity and the corrections’ impact on the post as a whole. Nothing will be “deleted” from the original; strike-outs will be used instead with the corrected information placed right after. You have probably seen this done in similar ways on blogs across the web.


Now, if we happen to let something slip onto the page that we didn’t fully fact-check, that is what the comment section below each post is for. Tear it to shreds and do not be afraid to offend someone. Criticism is the essence of free-thought, and critical thinking is such a crucial part of freeing ourselves from the propaganda, indoctrination system we are fighting against.




As I mentioned earlier in the week, I created a forum for committee discussions. We can use this for committee planning and whatnot. Doing so will allow everyone to see what’s being discussed in each committee, and as a result, shorten–and hopefully eliminate–time spent discussing committee business during GA meetings. Before bringing anything before the GA, we can hash out the details in this forum and in person. There will also be a thread for open discussions of any kind.


The main reason I think this is a bit more effective than our current approach is most of our discussions are scattered across various social networks, pages, groups, etc. We need this all in one place. If you are interested in being a facilitator in the forums, just let me know. I also need help creating threads and stickies.


I’m adding a page/link to the website’s navigation bar which will take you directly to the forums. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. Choose any name you wish, but be sure in your profile you put what name you go by (if you don’t mind), any contact information you are willing to make public to the group, and any committees in which you participate.


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