Permit Update


First, I would like to thank everyone for doing such an amazing job at the City Council today. For those who could not attend, our members were allowed to speak as promised, and whether or not we are issued a permit will be decided by the planning committee tomorrow at 1pm. I’ve been told by certain sources that we will receive 99% of what we’ve asked, and unless something changes between now and tomorrow, I expect Occupy Jackson will be off the sidewalk by tomorrow evening.


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7 responses to “Permit Update

  • LaLemmons

    I think that they will decide the conditions of the permit tomorrow in the planning committee, then the permit will be put back on the agenda for City Council to vote on Tuesday, November 29.

    I expect a limit to be placed on time only…meaning I suspect they will want us to be out of the park by a certain time at night. However, tomorrow will be the time for us to come up with creative solutions to this issue. I know that Oklahoma City is paying daily to be able to stay in the park after hours.

  • Libby Middleson

    Has a method to collect funds for support been setup? Those of us on lockdown (no gas money for back and forth driving) in small towns need a way to support. Better to just send gas money as a donation for OWS.

  • LaLemmons

    Hey Libby, this is Lindsey. I don’t think we have any current needs for monetary donations; but as we grow, we might find a need to raise funds for certain events/demonstrations/etc. We will be sure to make everyone aware on Facebook and here on the website in the event the need arises. And thanks for your support!

  • Judi Yoku\m

    I am confused … is the meeting today, Tuesday, Nov 22 or tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov 23rd?

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