Occupy the Legislature


Sorry for the lack of posts guys. We’re working on switching the site to a new server. Now that we have internet access at the park, posting will be much easier. We will be posting the notes from every GA we’ve had thus far as soon as we can.

We’ve also talked about using Google for most of our social networking, video sharing, document sharing, etc. Also as you have noticed, we’ve created a Google Calendar for events and one for shifts. The shifts calendar will show the times we need people to come to the park and relieve our permanent occupiers. Lack of sleep and productivity are problems we hope these shifts will solve. We are in DIRE need of night-time and day-time occupiers. We also need more help with outreach, social media and this website. If you cannot join us at Smith Park and wish to support us from afar, send an email to occupyms@gmail.com describing who you are, what services you can offer and the amount of free time you have. 


On a different note, we plan to Occupy the Legislature on January 3rd 2012. We will be marching in solidarity with other grassroots movements. We will march to the Capitol building and mic check our message. We are in the process of getting a permit for this march, and we will let everyone know when it’s in our possession. We are throwing around ideas for some marches between now and January 3rd. If you’re a member of a grassroots movement in this area and want to schedule an event of some kind, send us an email describing who you are and what you plan to do. We will take this before the GA, and if the proposal is approved, we will gladly participate in solidarity. 


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