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GA Notes 12/08/12 and Other Issues

I’m working on getting all the previous GA notes on the site as well as all the videos, radio/TV interviews and articles covering Occupy Jackson.

SITE NOTE: This site will soon be moving to occupyms.org. To continue receiving updates, you will have to sign up for that email list. Sorry for all of this. We needed to host our own site so we could do all the things with it we were wanting to do. If I can finish the new site this weekend, the switch will take place Monday. After the switch, this WordPress site will go inactive. For the moment, I’m posting updates on both sites.

Below are the meeting notes for the December 8, 2011 General Assembly. Lots of good news!

There were four proposals that were passed, which are outlined below:

1. Secret Santa ($10-20 range). More details to come!

2. Monthly Magazine/OccupyJackson Magazine – Will upload to Issuu after final preparations.
(UPDATE: Find it here http://issuu.com/occupyjackson/docs/occupymag)

3. Anti-Corporate Personhood Amendment to be presented to the Jackson City Council.

4. To get one port-a-potty to last until our permit expires on the 26th.
(h/t Lindsey)


Ernest and I were on WJSU 88.5 yesterday. Listen here I’m trying to track down audio from Mr. Mo and Cricket’s radio interviews over the past few weeks.

If you have them, I need the videos from the GA meetings we’ve recorded. I know half of a couple are on my phone (up until my battery died), and the other halves are on Derenda or Ernest’s phones. One was shot using CJ’s computer as well. I either need you to post them to YouTube and email me the link (you’ll have to split them into 10 minute clips), or find a way to email them to me.

I also need ANY GA notes you have whether they’re typed or hand-written. Finally, if anyone has been archiving local media coverage of Occupy Jackson, a nice list of links to said coverage would help me immensely.


I don’t have the shift calendar or the events calendar embedded on the new website. That’s on my very very long to-do list. The shift calendar seems to be catching on though. It’s very important that we use this calendar. Many of us are really starting to feel the burnout, and I know I personally cannot keep wearing as many hats as I am now (I think I speak everyone when I say that). We need more participation in person instead of online. 4 hours at the park can make a huge difference, especially if you spend that time cleaning or making signs.


We applied for a permit for the planned event on January 3, but we were denied. We assume this is because Gov. Bryant’s swearing-in ceremony is planned for that day. We’re working on a plan B, and I’ll let you know what we come up with. Ideas are always welcome. There is a thread about this in the forums. Share your ideas there. If you can’t log in, let me know, and DO NOT re-create your account using a different name. I’ll have to delete them all before you can actually sign on.

Moreover, the forums have been a lot more active lately. This is a great thing. I think we can get far more done this way.


At a GA last week, we proposed and approved that each person purchase a small spiral notebook (it’s like 5×9 or so) and bring it each time he/she comes to the park. Keep notes on interesting ideas and post those ideas in the forum. Date these notes, and use this notebook as your own personal OccuDiary. That way we can take these entries and use them to keep track of conversations held at the park. We can then use these to document the history of Occupy Jackson, learn from our mistakes, create proposals and ensure that no good idea or conversation goes to waste. At the park, we also have two notebooks: one for members, especially James, to list needs and concerns, and another for GA notes. Many notes have been lost because we did not have something like this.

Also, I proposed holding Intelligence Squared-style debates at the park. This proposal was accepted. I’ll be posting a Soapbox piece on this later. We also accepted Jacob’s proposal to hold Socratic Discussions/Forums regularly. I’ll let Jacob explain this in his own Soapbox piece.


I’ve been trying very hard to stay at the park whenever I’m off work, but this is taking a toll on Cricket and I. Long work hours and sleepless nights are exhausting both my body and my mind. I need to run this website and handle many things in my life away from the occupation. I haven’t found a way to balance all these yet, but I know that soon I’ll be taking some time away from the occupation to handle all of this. That doesn’t mean I won’t be there at all, but it does mean I won’t be staying as long. I’ll get much more done that way, and after this break, I’ll be rejuvenated and ready to fight again. The same goes or Cricket.

I bring this up because our absence means someone will have to fill that void. I don’t know who that will be, but I do know that we have many supporters who could. Our break will only last a few days, but afterward I’ll be spending more time on the website, the debates, the Socratic Forum, the online forums, and working with Ernest on the magazine. That is where I’m needed most. I promise not to disappoint any of you. I love you all. ❤


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