The General Assembly

The General Assembly of Occupy Mississippi is an all-inclusive, ongoing action group in which people may engage in meaningful conversation to find common ground.  Our meetings take place every Sunday at Cups in Fondren at 6 p.m. and Thursday at The Sneaky Bean at 6 p.m.  Each day, new people are adding their voice.  We invite you to add yours.
If you’re unable to attend, subscribe to our blog to receive the meeting minutes.
  1. Resolution. A resolution put before the General Assembly to be included in Occupy Mississippi’s official positions/list of grievances/demands.
  2. Proposal. A proposal is any plan of action (such as ideas for marches, logistics, etc.) that the body should undertake.
  3. Reports. Reports are brief summaries of their activities that each committee provides to the General Assembly for purposes of transparency and accountability.
  1. For each item on the agenda the moderator will draw up a speakers list. The lists will be those wishing to speak in favor of the item (starting with the committee or individual that proposed it) and if necessary those wishing to speak against the item.
  2. If people wish to speak on an item more than once, the moderator should prioritize those who haven’t spoken yet (or as much).
  3. Once the speakers list is exhausted the moderator will bring the body to a vote on the issue. Alternatively any member of the General Assembly may propose to end debate and vote.
  4. No one may speak without first being recognized by the moderator.
  5. All speakers are limited to two minutes for remarks starting when they are recognized by the moderator. When speaking, General Assembly members will see that their remarks are germane to the issue being discussed on the floor. If they fail to do so, the moderator shall call them to order without delay. Note: The “Point of Process” symbol serves this purpose.
  6. Once all items on the agenda have been discussed (or the General Assembly is coming close to another scheduled item, for example a scheduled march) the moderator will make a motion to adjourn the General Assembly. If there are no objections the assembly is adjourned, if there is an objection a vote will be held, a majority being necessary for adjournment.
  • If you’ve never attended a General Assembly meeting, it can be a little bewildering at first.  The following information will help you in understanding what it all means.
  • Hand gestures are used instead of voices because it doesn’t interrupt speech or produce a hubbub of disordered noise. It’s to keep the Assembly ordered, and allow speakers to be heard without being spoken over – and it works.
  • If someone cannot be heard, anyone in the crowd can yell out “MIC CHECK”.  For those not familiar with the mic check, you speak in blocks of 2-5 words, which the crowd then repeats after you. We use this method because electric amplification is prohibited in Smith Park.
  • If you would like further information, check out the General Assembly Training Video.
  • Please refrain from smoking during the meetings.  If you wish to smoke, please go to the outer perimeter and make sure you’re downwind from any participants.


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